Quick Fix for a Cleaner Shopify Cart: Hiding Variant Option Names


Quick Fix for a Cleaner Shopify Cart: Hiding Variant Option Names

In the world of Shopify, a streamlined cart is crucial for a smooth customer experience. A common snag? Cluttered variant option names. Let’s solve this, using the Dawn theme as our example. The good news is, this approach works similarly across various Shopify themes.

The Challenge

Variant option names like “What type of material would you like?” are helpful on product pages but can overcrowd the cart view. Our mission is to simplify the cart without losing key information.

The Solution: CSS Tweaking

Here’s a fast and effective way to hide these names:

Step-by-Step Implementation

td.cart-item__details .product-option dt {
    display: none !important;

Wrapping Up

This CSS modification in the Dawn theme (and similarly in other themes) can significantly declutter your cart, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Small changes like these contribute to a professional and user-friendly e-commerce site.

Stay tuned for more Shopify tips and tricks!

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